26 January, 2010

piano dress

Prop-wise everything went smoothly, singing wise everything went smoothly, staging and dialogue wise everything went...smoothly!

I have some K-razy makeup and hair in the show (I'm a BLOND...GROSS), and my super huge super doe-eyed princess eyelashes definitely give me some extra oomph onstage to go 'batty' with the lashes and keep the energy up.

What I don't think I've quite settled into yet is my own rhythm in terms of the character.

It's like Disney pricess meets Vanna White on Speed sometimes...but other times it's very TENDER princess and "real", and sometimes it's naive and sweet princess a la the movie Enchanted.

How to play all of those emotions..but in only ONE character...is still a bit off for me.
I feel comfortable in each SCENE but I'm still not getting a feeling of OVERALL 'me' that is unchanged.

Something to work on for tomorrow's orchestra dress.

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