02 January, 2010

back in wonderland

After an evening of googling deeper and deeper, then deciding to be proactive about something that I could actually be proactive about (updating my website, changing some other on-line things), I have come to the conclusion (that obviously I had before, but I needed to come to it again to clear my mind)--that everyone has their own path.
Here I am, attempting to make a comparison when none can easily be made.

Everyone has their own path. Their own connections. Their own experiences whether in school or in young artist programs or out of them. And that will lead to whatever shows they get and do.
If it's head-to-head in one audition situation and they 'won' and I 'lost'- so be it. But I can't compare someone's musical opportunity when I didn't even have the opportunity to audition 'head to head' for it. Right? That's what happened in their path, this is what happened in mine.

Calm. Zen. Blue breath in, red breath out..whatever.
I'm happy to be back in wonderland, happy for upcoming gigs, concerts, gigs, gigs, life-events, more gigs, more life events, more gigs. (and that about takes me through March of 2011).

What I do hope is that this February/March and April, when I'll be in Europe, I can do a kind of re-peat only BETTER of my European audition tour last year.
Of course, this time I won't be auditioning for agents over here. Hopefully just guest contracts for future seasons- all over Europe. And it will be the perfect season as well- seeing as how last February and March was very fruitful in terms of house auditions for me.
I really hope that can happen again, and that it will continue "my path"- wherever that may take me...

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AlisonDee said...

I stumbled upon your blog (i believe it was a suggested read on my google reader) & this post hit so close to home.

Sometimes I spend too much time comparing myself to other people and how they have gone farther than me thus making me feel miserable and I start develop negative feelings towards that person.

Reading this post has made me realise that you are SO RIGHT !! Everyone has his own path. I believe a lot in the whole 'what's meant to be...' bla bla bla.

So thanks :)

Alison x