20 January, 2010

is this really my job?

Someone really needs to pinch me.
For all of the crazy travel-insanity / life-on-the-road / poor-me blog entries---
my life and career are SUPER SUPER SUPER FUN!

I mean, I have to work on my GRAPEVINE LEFT and HIGH CAN CAN KICKS for tomorrow's rehearsal. NOT fill out some paperwork, NOT do some work in an excel file, NOT answer to a boss who is passive aggressive and menopausal (see most of my previous posts from the Fall of 2008 for more amazing details on that experience)

I was inputting all of the future-exciting-things into my iCal this evening, and I do have to say..again..how happy I am and lucky I am that--I am BUSY and this is MY JOB!
There is NOTHING else!
No 'side' thing (even though I have awesome ideas for side things!)

From now until next May I preeeeetty much have: July and August off, November and December off, and three of the first weeks in March.

I mean- that rules!

I should read this happy happy sugary post every time I start getting worried that I'm not 'getting' far enough, that I'm not 'doing' enough things, that I'm not 'visible' in enough places...etc. Because...for right now...I think I'm doing A-Pretty-Much-O.K.

First full run-through is tomorrow.
LORD please let me kick right and box step left on the right beats...oh, and sing pretty.

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