24 January, 2010

sitz and techs

We have FOUR more times to run this show on stage...and the first time, tonight, will be the first tech we have on stage.

Yep, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
And then we open on Saturday.

That SEEMS crazy and oh-so 'almost here', but actually, it adds some excitement to the new few rehearsals.

Tonight- the first tech. First time in costumes and hair and a rake on stage.
THAT should be interesting.
Off I go.

Sitz yesterday went well. Apparently, from those reporting from the house, we all sound great. Even though it LOOKS big and cavernous to us from stage, everything carries wonderfully and no one is getting swallowed up.

Hurray :)


AlisonDee said...

I have been following your blog for a while (google reader rox) however since I check it from work I am on government filtering internet so certain things like your profile I cannot view.

I have gotten curious as to who you are, would you PLEAASSEE quench my curiosity as it's driving me crazy hehe (ok I still manage to sleep at night but you know what I mean =))

Do you have a website or something that will give your identity away? (unless you want to remain anon in which case I will obviously respect your decision)


Thanks so much.


p.s i love your writing

Coloraturaaah said...

helllooo there... well, here's the thing, I do write anonymously, but some super-google-icious people can figure out who I am...sometimes. From a few clues from past posts, past locations or general descriptions of locations, or past productions. And I don't mind if they figure that out. SO--you could email me and tell me who YOU are and then I'll tell you who I am :)