29 January, 2010


The dress rehearsal for schoolkids was SO.MUCH.FUN!

The laughed so much! They cheered when the hero was still alive, they whooped when we kissed...it was great!

What a lovely way to send off the 'rehearsals' into the 'performances!"

Opening night is on Saturday, and I really really really think that this is one of the sweetest most amusing and lovely/funny shows that I've been in.

I'm excited because there are so many 'interesting' visual and musical things that I think any audience member will find SOMETHING they love about this...and hopefully- if it's their first time at the opera- this art form!

Plans for today- nada except some family hang-out time for those that flew in to see the show from afar...and perhaps a dinner w/two or three other cast members later!

It's funny though--even though this role isn't one of those 'ones' where it's challenging, there's a whole history of singers and performers before you who have done it, etc.-- I STILL get butterflies before I go onstage.

Waiting offstage there...and for about the first 10 minutes of my entrance, I still feel a bit in a trance. I go through the motions but it seams surreal and 'slower' OR 'faster' than real life.
Yesterday it was very 'quiet' ... even though our entrance music is anything but that.

It's a funny, scary, a bit uncomfortable feeling, because you never know what your nerves will make you do (vocally, that is)...but then all of a sudden I'm just the person playing this other character and there is nothing else but what is going on onstage and by business up there.

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