19 January, 2010

back to reality

Ok, NO MORE TRAVEL during this production period. For Realzzz.
Returned today after yet another 4am wakeup and 6am flight. Got to power nap for a few hours before rehearsal this afternoon, but then everything went pretty smoothly.

Tomorrow- running Act I. It will be GREAT to finally do this all in order and put the pieces that we have been working on together.
We reviewed our first entrance today...yes, MOST of my dance moves were there. We staged the last bit of music that hadn't been staged, and we have one more dialogue to stage before at least all of my sections in the show are up.

I feel like there is still quite a bit to explore in terms of character movement in this show.
We are a 'timeless' troupe- meaning, we have no time period in which to act. No history to make me walk a certain way, carry my body a certain way, or even move my head a lot or a little when I'm happy, angry, contemplative, etc.

Which means I have to find something more than just 'princess' as my inspiration.
I was thinking about a mix of "Enchanted" and other actual animated Disney Princesses. But I can't be daft. I have truly sad emotions and truly DEEP emotions that have to show more than just "someday my prince will come" and "hmm, that apple looks delicious".

Will think about it after some slumber and before my 2pm call tomorrow. HURRAY for sleeping in.

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