25 January, 2010


Last night we had the first tech rehearsal.
In general, I should really try to remember that tech rehearsal is pretty much not at ALL about the performer. It's about the costumes, wigs, staging, lighting, blocking, spike marks, cues, entrances, and everything else that gets in 'the way' of doing a good show.

So it was no surprise that we just skipped a LOT of stuff--including things where we had dancing that would have been 'nice' to practice that one extra time-- just because the light cue stayed the same for the entire aria.

Is it disappointing? No. It's just another part of the production and the schedule. But I was a bit more 'excited' for a first tech/runthrough with costumes and hair (well at least for the first act), and instead it turned out to be a lot of standing around, a lot of skipping around in the score, and not much 'practice', as practices should go.

And so, we're down to THREE.
Tonight- piano dress
Tomorrow- orchestra dress
Thursday- orchestra invited dress.

And that is it.
It's all of the technical things, of course, that can make you feel on edge in a performance. Of course all we want to do is have to 'worry' about our singing, and our staging--not whether a giant hanger that comes down from the rafters will hit us on the head if we're not far enough downstage, and not whether we will be able to wrangle a hat pin out of our HUGE hat WITH thick white gloves on in order to take the hat OFF and place it on SAID hanger...all in under ... oh... ten seconds.

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