12 January, 2010

airport #1 and making out with girls

Free wifi!
YES PLEASE! And thanks!
Of course I arrived first at the gate- about 2 minutes after the previous flight to upcoming-destination closed. Oh well. I'll wait 2 hours for my flight.
I opened my laptop and voila! Magic! the iiiiinternettttttsssss.
So sparkly and shiny.

(I had a topic for this post besides the airport free wifi, I promise).

Oh yes! I remember.
Last night I had to kiss a girl many many may many times....in rehearsal! NO I was not back on college ave. for a thursday night party THANK U VERY MUCH!

Yep, this show has a lead 'pants role' mezzo, and she/he is my love interest.

So here is how the day started- with a 3 hour music rehearsal in which I met my future makeout partner, and we did some detail work on music. Introduced myself and then sat down to sing, with exchanges only with the conductor.
Then for our evening rehearsal from 7-10 it was like- hey, we just met today. I don't know anything about you except that you drove here for 10 hours and arrived on Saturday and are staying down town...let's kiss.

And somehow, this is ALWAYS so interesting to the males in the room (except of course, the males that also prefer their partners 'in pants').

So we're going through the scene and it of course builds up- cheek, cheek, neck, lower on neck...and then...smack. Many many kisses on the lips. Like, a zillion times.
Is this weird for 'normal' people? Because I guess at this point, it's not weird for me at all.

I completely separate what I'm doing for my work, my character..and so there really is no thinking twice about it.
BUT the whole story last night reminded me of the FIRST time that I had to kiss a girl on stage--in a summer program where we were doing scenes from Cunning Little Vixen.

We didn't feel UN-comfortable with it, but for some reason for the entire rehearsal process the director had just SAID 'and then you kiss' and we kind of just air-kissed it and assumed, ok, it would work on the day of the show.
We didn't talk about it, it was just something that we both did..ie, NOT kissing until we HAD to kiss.
awww---young love! hahahaha.
Anyway, so then the day of the show arrived and our kiss was SO awkward! I mean, it was just a peck on the lips but since we had never "really" done it we smacked into each other kind of hard and kind of off center (mouth-wise) and there was nothing we could do about it at that point! (although the boys still all enjoyed it, as was reported to us after the performance).

And so I'm happy to report that this time we will be rehearsed, and from now on I have to choose wisely the flavors of lip gloss/chapstick that I wear to rehearsal!

And for many more opera kissing stories I always like to re-read this hilarious post over at Sessssstisssssimo :)

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