11 January, 2010

travel week

In addition to having already staged a majority of all of my scenes in current-opera (which means, having to review tons of choreography in my head before each rehearsal to know what I'm SUPPOSED to be doing...five, six, seven, eight), this week I have a concert away from current-opera that is an approved release - meaning, concert music in the middle of opera-production.
Followed by (one day later) another flight across the country so I can be a bridesmaid at my cousin's wedding...and of course, do some more singing! WHY NOT?

Basically the ONLY thing I'm freaking out about--no, it's not the music, it's not the choreography, it's not missing anything here or being unprepared there--it's the AIRPLANE SCHEDULES!

WILL they be on time? WILL the weather cooperate? WILL I piss any of the involved parties off by having circumstances that are completely NOT under my own control (ie, weather related or mechanical related flight delays) for my upcoming 4 (well, if you include plane changes...6) flights in the next 7 days?

Oh please oh please oh please let the planes leave and arrive at exactly the times that my online itineraries say that they will right now.

k,thx, bye.

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