06 January, 2010

bebe cray-zee

No, not the fashion brand.
I mean- baaaayyyybbbbiiiiiessss (insert high pitched squeal).

This has been a year that a LOT of people that I know have gotten preggers and are expecting, or have had babies.

Add the newest to the list: formerly known as The Concert, now blogging under BEBE's First Opera.

And here's the thing. Ok, some of my friends from high school who got married a few years ago just had kids, some relatives or friends of relatives...a FEW singers that I know are expecting or just had a baby...and I like reading the status updates about sleeping through the night (or lack there of), first smiles, laughs, cute pics, etc.- and of COURSE it's always something I've imagined for myself and just thought would somehow 'work'.

It's cute. It's lovely. It's family. It's exciting. It's scary...

Am I baby crazy? Not QUITE. But I do like them. And puppies.
So--really...either way. Both seem to like high pitched cooing.

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