06 January, 2008

we meet again

Ah, the old aria.
Learned at age 15 or 16.
Auditioned with for local and national under 18 competitions.
The one that I sang extremely well and was my best, but like a little girl--compared to, well, now.

Welcome back to being on the piano.
At first re-sing: Things sound good! It's still easy, I have the added warmth, the more solid low, and if anything, I'm really feeling it now as a character piece instead of just a showpiece.

This week I have a coaching, audition, competition and audition.
I feel rested and ready for it.
I feel like this coaching is going to get everything into high gear, a little kick in the @ss if you will, and then I'll be refreshed AND ready to kick it.

What do singers DO when they're not in rehearsal all the time?
Yes, I have music to learn. Yes, I have to start looking at my tax stuff.
Umm, but what else?
I could...
Continue to write that book I've been working on,
Compose music for the musical that I'm working on,
Work on my two business ideas that require written materials, websites, and a marketing surge....

but the bigger question, even though I'd love to pursue all of these loftier ideas that excite and inspire me, is--how do I make enough money to pay my bills?

Hmm, I'll get back to myself on that one.

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