10 January, 2008

one of those days, cont.

Well, I still don't feel stellar, but I have to pull it together for the competition this evening.

I'm beginning to think more seriously about this extension of my dabbling in consulting/pr/grantwriting for the next month or so, as I have time off until my next concert and my next performance, and I'd like to get a bit more serious about the services that I could offer.

I wouldn't really say dabbling. I have plenty of experience in grantwriting, pr, and publicity for two opera companies over three years, and I enjoy rewriting bios and cover letters for all of my friends and helping them handle their musical lives in terms of preparation, where they should/could be looking to audition, how to manage the schedule, what to ask, and what to expect.

The natural extension of this would be to go into other fields in the arts and do some career consulting. After of course, getting materials together, having a selling point, and making sure I can gather the right kind of people to get this project on its feet and rolling.

Of course, instead of revising my ten or so pages of materials of lectures, private consultation outlines and client forms, I'm sitting here with my Emergen-C, in an early morning stupor of lack of sleep and general headache-body-ache-land.

I hate that when I'm in NY I suddenly get this completely anti-social feeling about seeing people while I have auditions or performances or competitions. I just want to shut up, sit in the apt., and go to and from my audition, to and from my coaching, and to and from the practice room.
And of course there really ARE friends that are totally overdue for a hangout session, a girly night in, lunch on the run, and just to get in touch with.

Last night I DID end up going out to visit 2 friends of mine from undergrad who were in my acapella group, and now have real lives (one's a lawyer, one's a married, mom of a 2 yr old AND 2nd year med student--yikes!), and seeing them was really great.
So maybe I need to make a bit more of an effort to come out of my reclusive state for the past few days.

I guess I do have all the time in the world here right now (meaning, it's not really audition season and I'm not really running back and forth on trains planes and automobiles to get to and from the city), so I will do better.

Once I charge my cellphone.

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