11 January, 2008

singing for the experts

Today I sang an audition for Germans, and I began with Zerbie and they picked DurchZ second.
I'm thinking that those years of German, plus this summer, plus coachings, plus my own personal belief in the fact that I can sing the rep. right worked out, because I think I sang well, it was recorded, (to be passed on, or reviewed again upon return to the mother country), and I think overall it was pretty great.

As this week slowly winds down into what will hopefully be a relaxing and quiet weekend, I'm looking forward to working on my plans for the next few months, ordering a new score (or two--not yet confirmed, but good chances I'll be joining ACB in learning the national anthem of roles of mezzos---and sometimes sopranos), and setting up more coachings in the city in the weeks to come.

It's strange--being here...well, near enough to here, now.
I feel like I have the world at my fingertips.
Coaching here, audition there, museum on the offdays, walking around the lower East side or hanging around the Met, it's pretty nice to have it all and not have to be paying the astronomical rent because I'm right next door to the action.

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ACB said...

I see you broke my code! Or did you just read it on Facebook? :) Congrats on all the good stuff coming your way!