26 January, 2008

leaps and bounds

Today that little *Idea* that I had became a reality.
I wrote out the web-content for it, revised it, gathered the materials that I'll be working with during consultations, got in touch with a web designer, and may actually be on the way to making this a reality.

Things to think about:
-How to link a small business email to one of my current emails so I don't have to check FOUR sites, or download to a desktop manager.
-Do I get an 800 number? Or a New York number? Or just use my cellphone for business as well? And what companies (if any) let TWO numbers ring on the same cellphone? Hmmm.
-How MUCH info. do I put on the website in order to get people interested, without giving away what I'd be doing in a session with them anyway?

I suppose the only costs that I'll incur if this DOESN'T end up being successful are the website, and any phone lines or photocopy materials that I put together for this.

I'm willing to take that risk, because from the work I've completed so far in this field, all of my 'customers' have been satisfied, and it's only grown through word of mouth--why not word of intranetszszsz?

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