27 January, 2008

packing for different weather

I'm leaving for the sunny weather again in a few days, and I've dug back into the suitcase labeled "summer" to find just what I need.
Of course, it won't be in the 80s and above like the summer, but it will be in the 60s I think--what does that mean? Dresses, skirts, and cardigans- joy.

Um, bathingsuit? WHY NOT?! The hotel MAY have a pool, and that would just ROCK.
Workout clothes? CHECK. Can't go for more than 4 days without them.

Now--'business clothes' and that means auditions, coachings, meetings with the vip's, "events" in general, I have many of:
Little black velvet dkny dress- check
audition outfit #1 and #2 (after drycleaning) and recent red #3 addition (check)
possible gowns (1 cocktail length, one full--just in case)- check.
black A line and mermaid skirts with respective fun tops- check.
Black PANTS when all else fails and I feel like being comfortable in pants and a cute top or sweater- check.

for fun times if I have time:
Jcrew cream/brown dress w/cardigan- check
skinny jeans and 7s- check

SHOES (too many, I know, but I'm taking 'em!)
black audition heels, black patent leather rounde toe, brown open toed (for the brown dress), black boots (for everything), sneaks? (I guess so if I want to work out), Tan bunny heels (for everything else), and MAYBE my black rocket dogs as a standby for comfort.

and most importantly, COLORS OF THE PATRIOTS for when I'm cheeeeering my fave team on superbowl sunday- CHECK CHECK CHECK!

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