30 January, 2008

Drama, Parts II and III


My drama o' the day falls into the following categories: the good, the bad, and the ugly. (Seriously)

Good- SUMMER JOB! YAY! As a mainstage at previous-yap. FUN role, the maid :) as usual.

Bad- (OH SO BAD) Budget Problems = TEH SUK!
Which translates for me as, I'm no longer singing an awesome role in 2009 because the company decided it's not in their budget to do the production. SO SAD.
However, I do still have an offer, smaller, to come up and make my debut with them in another production. YAY! (But not as YAY as the first offer).

Ugly- still ugly is drama from previous-post which is still unresolved and who knows when it will be.

Also, if things keep going how they are, my next THREE roles will be in Italian. Surprising, because most of my rep., as stated previously, is freakishly high French/German or contemporary.

Can I please have some chocolate now?

The drama(s) of the past 2 days are like a sugar and caffeine high followed by the crash.
And the crazy part is, I can't do ANYTHING about it. I just sit and wait for the call or the final word. Which could come tomorrow, or never.

Weirdly, I'm pretty calm right now. Thinking about my next adventure out of town that begins on Friday, and what it may bring.

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