31 January, 2008

game face

In honor of super bowl weekend, the title of game face.

Otherwise known as- psyching yourself up, getting ready, planning for everything that could possible go wrong, and going in it to win it.

Which is what I'm doing right now.
I'm almost finished packing (too many shoes, that's all I'll say).
Next up, the audition binder revival (it's been too long and reinforcements are needed).
After that, a sensible dinner (chicken in peanut sauce w/ brown rice- YUM).
Followed by some POSSIBLE vocalizing.
Followed by making sure for the 10th time that I have all of the rep. that I said I'd sing (questionable, b/c I can't find Rejoice Greatly...hmm)
Followed by looking through my remaining clothes and making sure I REALLY don't want that cute mermaid black skirt (I do, but I don't have the right top for it here).
Followed by charging the things that need to be charged- phone, ipod, computer, camera.
Followed by watching as much Law and Order as possible this evening.

FOLLOWED by getting to the airport, getting on two planes, and having a KICK ASS time this weekend (and perhaps beyond?) by doing the best that I can and bringing my game face to everything (including the SUPERBOWL!).

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