09 January, 2008

one of those days

Ok, except for a wonderful audition today, I feel like CRAAAAAAP today.
Didn't sleep well last night, woke up with a headache this morning, took extra long and I was a bit sluggish warming up, audition went smashingly, more on that below, came back to the apt. and took MORE headache medicine, tried to watch law and order (one that I hadn't seen before) and felt so horrible that I actually fell asleep during the episode! (But who is responsible for manslaughter, the woman who hit the guy with her car late at night? Or the other dude that beat the guy up 7 hours earlier and caused a subdural hematoma??!!!), and now I'm awake, after shower number two of the day to try and make me feel better, and advil number three of the day.

Oooooooh, here's where I break out that line from my favorite MT mezzo showpiece---I enjoy being a girl!

Onto the audition breakdown.
A. I had a great coaching yesterday on Zerbinetta. I'm singing this piece for someone that I definitely want to impress this week, with language, style, and just basically being Germanic--well, Viennese..about it, correctly both musically and stylistically. I've always gotten great feedback on it, esp. my German and also the style..so I shouldn't be worried, but I was. Until yesterday! As I said, great coaching. OPEN MY closed EEEE vowel!

B. We also coached that old friend sitting on the piano (yes, the one i LEFT on the piano and then had to run over to the NYPAL to make photocopies of before my coaching)--the aria of the years of my teens, not sung--probably since the years of my teens...
And the results are in. I HAVE a low and middle that totally works in Italianate pieces and now instead of sounding like a little birdy, I sound like voman. Plus all those high coloratura notes and the held F at the end for a zillion measures.
woOt! Not the I didn't know this, but I've just not sung any rep. like this for a while now, as I was starting to get fached within the fach (high, crazy, french, german, contemporary--you name it, it wasn't bel canto Italian).

C. Audition. Wore the new RED dress today and felt great in it. I think I wear IT, it doesn't wear ME. Especially with the rep. I offer...so it may be a keeper even though it is tres tres RED.
Second piece that was asked for was the role I was singing for, AND aria worked on above. And I felt great about it.

And then I came back to some avocado sushi, a Naked Green drink, water and advil.

Nap time again, unless I can rally the troops (myself) and be somewhat productive today.

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