28 January, 2008

odds and ends

I think that I could find a reason to buy just about anything in CVS. Ok, maybe not Rogaine for men, or footspray for some weird fungus, but still. Between the makeup, the shampoos, the ready-while-you-wait photo printing services (for the pics that have been on my digital camera for OVER a year), random leftover holiday chocolate for sale, yoga mats, and hallmark greetings...I could spend, well, a lot of time and money there.

Today I limited myself to printing out some pictures, nail polish, and some nice-smelling lotion.

But don't believe that I didn't walk through every aisle (except the baby one) looking for possible things I may POSSIBLY need for the trip.

Umm, the main thing that I'm putting off here is a complete revamp of my audition binder.

It's time.
Paper is getting smudged and wrinkled at the top and bottom from being shoved in my bag during rain and hailstorms, pianists have pulled out the last reinforcement in Queen of the night on the awful page turn so that it's hanging by a thread on one ring, aria order does not line up with TAB order because I change the '5 of the day'for each audition, and in general, it's a hot mess.

I have a date with a double sided photocopier.


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