07 January, 2008

outfit a, b, or c. (all of the above)

Packing again.

Somehow I don't care about what I wear during the week- 7s, sweaters, black boots- done. The tougher decisions that I have to make are which outfits to bring for auditions, competitions, the possibility that a first-round of the competition will be dressier than I expect, the possibility that I get into the finals of the competition, and always that NEW outfit that I want to make work, I bring, and then end up wearing the old, comfy stand-by.

I have TWO new outfits (dresses, actually), one needs to be taken in, because the only size left the store had was 2 sizes to big and I wanted it soooo badly (an adoooorable pinstripe dress), that I made them call all of the stores in 2 states, and sadly, all of the ones in my size or one up or one down were gone.

Dress numero uno is RED! I'm thinking that I'll try it out when it gets a LITTLE warmer out because it's cap sleeves and even though it is dressy enough, it's JUST springy enough not to use for winter.

Or maybe I'll bring it along and get inspired to show some color this season.

My current colors are dark dark purple- eggplant?
And another outfit is gray and black. But this one is a "different" kind of skirt so I'm ok with the 'normal' colors of it all.
Still, I want something with more of a splash. And red definitely has more splash...

We'll see what I feel like when I wake up, and what the weather is that morning.

Other things I have to think about:
Contributing the maxxx to my rothIRA account this year, AND telling my broker that I need to be bumped up a level to "very" aggressive mutual fund investor, now that the market is so low and even if it goes down, it can eventually only go up again.

TAXES! Just got my first 1099 in the mail.
ARGHHGHGHG--but at least it was a 1099 and not a w2- HELLLOOOOOO write-offs!

Have to figure out where I'm getting them all from this year, and look forward to that yearly huge document in the mail with the breakdown of what I've put on my business credit card this year...oh the joy.

I have been extremely bad about small purchases with cash this year, especially during auditions season (for last minute cabs in the downpours, mainly).
Have to get on that for reporting purposes.

Eeeek. I'm usually already prepared by now and just waiting to get the w2's and 1099's and whatnot.

Ok, time to start a new Xcel doc.

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