28 March, 2013

Pounding the Pavement

This is the first time in a LONG time that I find myself-- not as fully employed as I'd like to be.
Obviously, 2013 started off with a bang, and that's great. That alone on my resume/cv would be 'fine' for this year, but- as someone who usually has 4 or 5 productions per year, to dwindle down to 2 (so far) is not that great.
I know, it's April. I'm not 100% sure that something else won't come up before 2014 rolls around.
But it's still not a situation I've been in since...oh...just about ever!
Sure when I was doing my undergrad and grad I only had time for one summer program, but then- full year residency, and even in the 'gap' year of moving to NYC for auditions I had 4 professional gigs.

So what am I doing about it? Well, I suppose as much as I can, thinking both inside and outside the box.

Trying to get in touch with every theater I've previously auditioned for with 'positive' things to say about the audition. Trying to get my name out there to previous orchestra conductors that may have concert work. Asking my manager to ramp up anything they can on my behalf since I haven't found myself in this type of situation before. I know from other colleagues who have also been 'professional covers' for a few years that this could be an option as well- if the repertoire is right and there is no resident artist covering the 'big stuff'.

It's equal parts frustrating and inspiring- ok, more frustrating I suppose.  Frustrating that there is only so much I can do, frustrating that it's already a certain 'time' in the season and so many things are already cast, frustrating that I don't have the direct emails to houses that may be doing modern works in their next few seasons to say- hey! pick me, pick me! I'm good at it!, (and even if I did, they wouldn't pay more than 2 seconds of attention since the email is not coming from a manager anyway!), and yes, frustrating that I now have to look back at my fall and ask myself whether or not something should have been different about the 'audition' season that I have (or didn't have, actually).

Inspiring because- yes, there are people who are happy to hear from me and my good news/updates, give me great feedback, and say they can't wait to work with me again in the future. Inspiring because it makes me want to be BETTER at what I do- to find new rep, to find new coaches, to try out a teacher or two, to delve into what I do and make it the best that it can be for whatever comes next.

And then of course, frustrating again.
Here's to pounding the pavement via email, and hope something comes out of it...sooner rather than later.

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