24 July, 2012

T minus 4 weeks

It's 2am so I suppose it's Thursday-- and that means I have precisely 4 weeks until the THURSDAY that I begin my next opera rehearsals.
Ummm, guess what I'm going to start doing tomorrow? Yep, that's right- walking around town with the libretto printout to test my memory. Over. and Over. and Over again. Until it rolls off of the tip of my tongue like.. butter? honey? spit? spun silk? Well, whatever it is-- til it's in there.

Why am I up at 2am on Thursday you ask? No, not because of the baby who is sleeping soundly in HIS OWN CRIB in HIS OWN ROOM (#winning)! Most likely because it's finally hitting home that yes, I am working again in one month. This role is BIG and EXCITING and I want so much to do an amazing job on it. So yea, that whole anxiety mixed with excitement at what is next thingamajig.
Which obviously is NOT helpful at 2am when I can't practice and I'm sitting in the dark typing out the libretto.

One last thing that I'd like to do is find a coach and go through the piece once a week for the next month-- that is easier said than done since everyone is on summer break!

Ok. Forcing myself to turn the computer off. In 3, 2, well, ok I'm checking gmail ONE more time and then turning it off..ONE.

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