15 April, 2012

One week

The premiere is one week away and I can safely say that I've conquered going back to work.
I have two more dress rehearsals, and barring any meltdowns on stage that merit extra calls, that's IT! The premiere.
This week will be rough because of my calls- 1hour45 before the show for makeup, then the run-through and then notes. Soooo that might mean double duty bottle time. So far I've only had to leave one bottle per rehearsal that I go to. There have been double-days, but each time I get to come back and pump another bottle in between.
How's this musician-boob-blog NOW, huh?
ANYWAY, two more rehearsals. A lot of toi toi toi cards to write, and a premiere to attend ...uh, yea, about that- I have no dress here except an 'audition' dress that's pretty informal. Hmm... May have to add a shopping spree to the list of things to do this week.

THEN, I get to go HOME! And just come back and forth for the next shows. Which will also be a bit of a schlep (2 hr drive, or 2.5 hr train ride each way)...and I have the choice of staying over in a hotel (sans baby), or driving back the same night (long day/night for me..but home in my own bed).

And THEN- one OTHER show (in the middle of these shows)..which I have to learn NEW/old dialogue for (oh queens, how you taunt me with your ever-changing text), and then I'm freeeee for the summer! Well, until August.

Guess what? BIKRAM yoga is going to be my bff again- at least twice a week, yes, this is a late-new-year-resolution. In addition to bike riding for 45 min. every other day.

Now to find a babysitter to make that all possible

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