17 December, 2011

Counting Down

Home sweet home feels wonderful so far.
I still haven't gotten over weird jet lag issues- for the first 4 days I woke up at 4am, stayed awake and activity-filled until about noon, then crashed for the afternoon, and then, of course, couldn't fall asleep well at night, -- so I woke up at 4am again.
But last night I KIND of slept from 12:30am - 7:30am...
Kind of.

I have to report to my next 'first' rehearsal in March.
Learning the music for next-opera is just going to be a challenge.
There, I said it.
I already put my tabs in, marked the score (even though I have no real 'words'), translated the few words that I DO have, and have TRIED to even circle leading clues as to what note I come in on before most of my entrances.
Have I mentioned that this is a totally modern piece that I don't even know how to categorize? There are a FEW patterns that I can recognize and work off of in terms of my part, but, they are few and far between.
And sometimes modulated by one 'major' or 'minor'- which really means...there are NO patterns.

Umm, maybe I should stop blogging about it and actually try to LEARN it.

Thing is, for the audition last year the house already sent me the 'hardest' parts, so I know that about 10 minutes of music is already done and done. And I don't recall it taking me SO LONG to figure it out for the audition! I mean, I just 'got on the ball' and did my thing.
Which is precisely what I have to do now...
Oh motivation, can you please come knocking down my door in the next 3 weeks?


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