20 November, 2011

day of the show, y'all

Ok, so it was last night, but I still need that title, every time...obviously.

How I spent my day- woke up around 10, at 1 had a HUGE brunch with my 3 amazing friends (one who flew in from NYC to see me and see the show!), felt full for the ENTIRE day and proceeded to chill out for a few hours. Around 4pm, got in the shower, lip trills, slowwww warming up....5pm had everything packed, hair dry, coat on (soo cooold!) and my 10 pound bag which included a curling iron, nice clothes, high heels, 18 full size chocolate bars and various cards, banana, apple, protein bar, water,...you know the drill.
Oh, and the score.

SO- arrive at the opera house, drop the cards and chocolates off, into makeup, into costume, LAST MINUTE STAGING CHANGE so three of us were required to meet with the dir. and asst. dir. to go over what they wanted us to change at 30 minutes before curtain.

And then... it began!

I had fun! :)
I think we all did really well, the energy was good, the audience was laughing AND moved (I could see the first row on the monitor), and that is how it should be!

After the show we got all dolled up for the opening night party- and we had like a 'red carpet' of paparazzi pics to take with donors and other board members. Then a HUGE dinner at 11pm, and then introductions and thank you's from the general director.

Even in this smaller role, we got much admiration, lovely feedback and comments, and I got genuine positive commentary from our maestro and director, which to me, is what matters most- that their vision of the drama and music was achieved through my acting and singing. So, there you have it.

Now, to repeat 5 times with the same success and get home safely :)

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