24 February, 2010

here comes the sun

It's getting NOT wintery out there and I love it!
It's almost 5 pm, STILL sunny (ie, not dark and gray and freezing), and...and...that's lovely.

Meanwhile, what have I done today?
Let me put it THIS way--if there was ONE week where I should be allowed to stay in bed, eat chocolate, and attempt to drown out the general feeling of 'ugh' and 'lethargy' due to my body...this is it.
And so- I have done Juuuuust about...nothing.

I WANT to practice.
But I know it will sound like shit.
So I'm not going to attempt to warm up, and then sing LUCIA knowing that I will hate how it sounds because I can't find my center, have had a mild headache for the past 3 days, have eaten all the chocolate in the apartment one day and haven't had an appetite for anything the next (that would be today...I had to force down some cereal around 4).

Ah yes, once again let's all sing it together....
I enjoy being a girl...

And it's true- I AM going out tonight and yes, eventually WILL doll myself all up...
but for now, some more water and advil.

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