13 February, 2009


(My view at about 8am Deutschland time/2am my time...at the tail end of a 9 hr flight with NO sleep).

Well, I managed to not fall asleep on the airplane for nine hours, because who can go to sleep..ON a plane no less, at 8pm at night?
I even put in earplugs AND used a mask to make it dark--but alas...no sleep.

I arrived in chilly Berlin, didn't have to wait for my suitcase because it was CARRY ON!, made it to my first crashing destination in about 20 minutes (7 stops on a direct bus), and spent the day catching up with a friend, relaxing, AND seeing Cassandra/Electra at Deutsche Oper.

I'm too tired to post about it right now (actually, I'm NOT tired, but that is scaring me, because I ONLY napped for about an hour today, and so all in all I haven't slept in over 24 hours..except for one hour..hmmm)...So I really need to go to sleeeeep since I have to wake up and sing some arias around 9:30am tomorrow.

More to come via free wifi!

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