15 August, 2007

tired in a good way

Just had a coaching for singing1 tomorrow.
It was helpful to set tempi, and also going through the rest of my rep was a nice review as well for the official start of the audition season.

I guess it's good to get comments like- it sounds like this is really in your body, and not too old to be tired out, and not too new- just in that perfect and exciting way.
And also--you're young but you sound like you and not trying to be older.

That too.

New York today: Way too polluted. It seemed like I couldn't walk anywhere without someone taking a huge cigarette drag and blowing it out in my general direction, or lighting up a cigar (ughghghghghgh), or having incense burning all over at little tables that try to sell you things on the side of the street, or just generally being blown dirty dirty air upon all day.

I feel like taking the third shower or the day and also taking a long long nap in the cool cool air conditioning.

Thoughts about tomorrow:
I mean, what can I say?
Of course it's a "god I hope I get it" kind of moment and OF COURSE I feel REALLY good about the singing and acting...but there is also a reality that the casting choices for this may be the most competitive casting pool I've been thrown into.

And as much as the "god I hope I get it" kid wants to win, there is the secondary kid in there that's just hoping to kick ass, not assuming they'll get it, but remembering that this is a first important audition for so-and-so and it is the time to make a good impression for the next few years of consideration.

It's better after doing so many auditions to just let everything roll off of my back. I do my best, which I KNOW is my best, and then it's out of my hands. If I impressed, wonderful. If not, next year.
Yes, this would be amazing. Yes, it's my favorite thing. Yes, I understand the piece and am excited about it. Yes, I hope to get a chance to do this again at some point in my life.

I will spend tonight as any usual night here, seeing friends, light dinner somewhere, get home at a decent hour, go over lines and words before bed, and focus a little (after a rerun of Law and Order or two) on tomorrow.


Evil Baritone said...

Ah, I wish to be like you...in the middle of the Big Apple where all the action is. But, 'tis nice to be in the lovely Northwest where the air is always fresh. Take care of your voice!

me said...

All the action---huh? Sure, if I had a nine to five that didn't require my voice to work after a night on the town!
So instead I have to take it easy..in the big easy/apple :)

Enjoy your fresh air!