03 February, 2010

show #2 and youtube

We've had 3.5 days off since opening night, and tomorrow is the 2nd show.
What does that mean?
That we have a dialogue brush-up tomorrow mid-day, and then 4 hours later I'm called to the theater.

I spent an hour and a half today singing today, although it wasn't current-opera, it was future-opera--I mean, I may as well say it here, and the google-ninjas of the world can try and figure out who I am yet again...because, I'm going to be blogging about it quite a bit in the next few months, I suppose.


And singing the Regnava, Enrico/Lucia duet, and Mad scene in the original (higher) keys...(most likely).

I don't want to talk TOO much about upcoming work when I'm still in the middle of current-show.

So let's get back to it.

2 reviews that have come in so far have LOVED the show and said two lovely things about me as well (published immediately on my website, which I have also just tricked out with updated photo flash player and new links to videos that are NEW TO YOU!).

Why new to you?
Well, that's a whole....other....discussion.
Basically, I have seen everyone including their mom AND manager recording either audio and or video of artist's live performances...with orchestra.
And for the longest time this was such a no-no.
It was some big secret if you got a bootleg recording of yourself, sent it to your agent, and had to be super careful about where it was sent out.
Lest the opera house/orchestra catch wind of it...for reasons that I DON"T quite understand. Because, if anything, this is for STUDY and MORE JOB purposes. I make ZERO money off of putting a video up on youtube of me...and heck, if I see that the login name behind over twenty videos of artists on ONE roster is actually the MANAGER of that roster--I think it's safe to assume that their live recordings of operas are just as legal as mine are.

So There!

Back to the performance- AGAIN!

I will run through the show in my head tonight. Also tomorrow after the dialogue rehearsal.
The 'opening night' pressure is off which means I hope no heart jumping out of chest experience again...but I am still excited and giddy about the performances we still have left.


NHB said...

Lovely little nuggets of information. I will have to investigate further...


Patty said...

I just ran across this post of yours. I play in the orchestra of Opera San José. For some time now I've been pushing to ALLOW singers to have recordings/videos, knowing how useful they are to you.


The powerful New York people say we can't do that.

It's all very frustrating. I know you aren't going to be selling 'em. Surely they do too. But they still aren't allowing it. I think they are simply behind the times.

(Hope you don't mind this random little comment!)