04 February, 2010

quick turnaround

Today started off super tired and super groggy. Probably something to do with that extremely large margarita that I had last night for dinner and those heavy enchiladas smothered with cheese. YUMMMM!

No, all dietary reasons aside, I had a dialogue brush up at noon and was planning on warming up after that.
Well, my voice was NOT planning on warming up after that!
I felt myself feeling sluggish, voice wasn't really warming up into that 'place' that feels good, and so I listened to my body and stopped.

Came back home, puttered around online, took a one hour nap, and then tried to wake up again.

Shower, makeup/hair call, THEN warm up for 30 minutes. And voila- everything was as it should be.

I was REALLY not feeling show #2 tonight--before I got to the theater.
But once there, I slowly built up a nice momentum, started feeling good about being warmed up, and then had a GREAT show!

I HATE that I don't ever have nerves after the first show. I mean, of course I don't hate it. I just hate that I have nerves for the FIRST show!
WHAT can I do to trick myself into avoiding this?

Because I was so calm and focused today.

Speed-singing (quietly) all of my words for each act before it began, going over couplets in my head before the next entrance, and voila- all was wonderful.

I'm really looking forward to the next shows...the Friday night crowd and the Sunday matinee crowd--always different, but always energized in their own way.

Can't believe I'm almost out of here!

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