11 February, 2010

one down, one to go

Ok, well today got off to a good start.
First of all, shockingly- I got to bed EARLY ! Ok, for me early is before midnight, but still.
I woke up for a bit around 5am, was wide awake around 9, and relaxed and took my time getting ready for everything today.

I felt a bit less tense than yesterday, and for the audition today I sang zerb and crazy1/crazy2. Actually, this company isn't doing crazy-opera, but they ARE doing modern stuff next year, so I thought- why not- I'll offer this stuff and if they pick it, it will be good practice for the NEXT day.

And sure enough, after Zerb which I thought went well...they picked both crazy pieces.
The first one went smashingly as always. The second one--the ONLY thing that can kind of trip me up if my breathing gets away from me--- STILL went well.
And yes, I was nervous. And Yes, my heart was beating a bit faster. And yes, it was a 'room' audition so it was bright, I could see the people's faces..it wasn't on some big cavernous stage-- BUT. I feel like I did it well.

I am still trying to channel as many 'kick butt' vibes as I can for tomorrow at 6:50pm, and the "I know I can do it, I've done it before, this is just like in practice/rehearsal" mantras--etc.

Yes, I'll be more nervous. But I have the best support system behind me..wanting me to do well, and wishing that I could come HOME!!!

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Anonymous said...

Here are my wishes for a major butt kicking! Toi, toi, toi!