04 February, 2010

30 operas in nine years

Been adding some reviews to my website and fixing flash photo web galleries, etc.- and I just counted up my NAMED roles since 2001 (yes, there have been a few that were out of fach, or really tiny, or just not worth mentioning because the opera house wasn't 'important enough').

Ok, granted the first ...however many... were still while I was in high school, college programs, or summer apprentice programs..

But still! 30?! That is CRAZY!
I can't thank those early people who heard 'something' in my voice ENOUGH! If it weren't for their encouragement and goading TOWARD the classical music scene, I'd still be trying to be the next Sarah Brightman (in the ALO years, NOT the weird late 90s) somewhere on stage...or I may have turned to my original academic pursuits- international politics!

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