09 February, 2010

winter wonderland take 2?

I've been lucky enough to miss much of the brunt of bad weather this winter.
Mostly because previous-gig from Jan5 to yesterday was in a city that has perfect winter weather--well, anything besides really cold and really snowy is perfect.

But besides winter-airplane-fiasco-2009 right before Xmas week, I haven't had THAT much bad weather get in the way of 'things I need to do'.

Except for the forecast for NYC in two days.

Yes, Wednesday is the day that I wanted to drive into NYC.
I wanted to pack and repack all of tomorrow- which mostly means, going to Target to find things that are cheaper in the US than in Germany, figure out how to pack them into my suitcases, try again, and CONQUER the 50 pound weight limit while still managing to fit in two pairs of cowboy boots, another peacoat that has been in the closet for a year, shoes, shoes, and more shoes..>AND all of the stuff I came with January 5th.
(Yes, I realize that I may be paying 45 dollars to check a SECOND bag).

Well, Wednesday weather forecast, you do NOT look good.
And that's not cool!
I'm supposed to have a wedding dress fitting!
I'm supposed to get my hair 'did!
I'm supposed to do some dry cleaning!
I'm supposed to get all my nyc appointments/buy out over the counter meds (mostly mucinex)/get the requested items for German that want things from abroad/things that I need to do before going 'home' things DONE!!!

And your snow prediction of at LEAST six inches is SO NOT COOL RIGHT NOW!

I will be super rushed, but I think I'll have to leave for the city tomorrow and beat this supposed bad weather.

I sure will miss the trip to Target to get things I probably 'don't need but figure that it can't hurt to have since they'd be way more expensive if one day I decided I DID need them in Deutschland.'

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