17 February, 2010

day 2

I practiced yoga yesterday. And today.
And since I haven't done yoga for SO long (taking classes regularly in 06-07, then some random ones from my gym in '08), I was TOTALLY off balance... I mean the easiest poses that I used to hang out in...I was shaking, wobbling, had no center.
What does that mean?
I have to keep going to regain that center!

The breathing and flexibility, yes, that I have. But the CORE. That's the thing that I always just shimmied around. In workouts, in yoga, in breathing-for-singing...I never really strengthened it--mostly because sit-ups suck and kind of hurt my neck, as did the whole pilates movement...too much straining the neck which took a toll on being relaxed for singing.

But you have to find what works best for you.
For me it's NOT a hardcore ab workout--but it's working out that core through other things. Either sports that don't focus on just core, but end up working out everything anyway, or-- yoga.
Where I feel something is being worked on, but it's a relaxed and focused way.

I actually looked up a Bikram center here, but seeing as how I was so unbalanced, I don't think that practicing in an over-100-degree room is a good idea just yet.
Although I was kind of excited for all that sweating and loss of water weight.

I'll give this 2 weeks and then see how I feel.

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