13 February, 2010

wait, what?

Did I just sing the biggest audition in my life so far exactly 12 hours ago?

Ok, here's how the whole day went.
Gotta remember the little details so I can do it again, right?

around 9 ish, woke up, but stayed in bed.
11- ate a banana and drank a lot of water--started to hydrate.
11:30- MASSAGE! This was the BEST Idea I've had in about 8 years since my last "paid for" massage (I'm more a chiropractor kinda gal)...but I knew I was tense, and I wanted something that would both release the stress AND energize me for later that day.
One hour later...I was feeling GOOD.

12:30-3ish, LIGHTLY warm up in the apt., ate suuuuushi (which I SO SO SO SO will miss the GOOD and CHEAP quality of when I'm back in Dland on Monday)
3-HOT shower with lip trills
3:30-5ish get all my stuff ready, put normal clothes on, pack my audition clothes, audition binder, a bit of food. Oh yea, I ate another banana. I'm NOT joking people- this audition had me NER.VOUS and SOMEONE SOMEWHERE said that bananas are a natural beta blocker. So I'm going with it. Whatever.

5- after makeup is done and hair is dry, head out to pay for a practice room in Merkin---except, Merkin closes at 4! My bad.
head to the public library to change in their bathroom (classy, I know).
Change, need to waste some time at the public library, since I'm going right next door in 20 minutes.
6- arrive backstage.
6:05 get taken to a warm-up room. Change from snow boots to high heels.

Start warming up again. Sing through the pieces once but not full force. Take a break. Keep lip trilling.
6:30-6:40- decide to calm myself down even more by singing-- (gasp) JAZZ music! Yep- all of my favorites that calm ME down, that I sing when I want to calm OTHERS down (or just sing them to sleep)...and...singing in that natural, I don't care what comes out voice right now--put me in the BEST mood.

Mostly because it got my mind off of where I was about to sing next.
And focused it on the love of my life :)

6:42 accompanist arrives and we go through piece 1 very quickly- singing most, but not all. We start piece 2 and then it's TIME TO GO TO STAGE!

Ok, I held a halls cough drop that I had kinda been sucking on the whole night in between my fingers on stage. I didn't need it...but for some reason, I just kept it in between my thumb and forefinger...I'm ASSUMING no one from that house saw that! haha...

First piece- YEA! Felt good, didn't get tight, I'm like- DUDE this house is awesome to sing in!
Second piece- AS good as it was going to be WITH nerves. I mean, it's STRAIGHT TONE for the whole thing, and I think I vibrated on like 4 notes or so. I vote for- YES.
Third piece- All I'm thinking is--DAMN I just got through the 2nd piece! The rest of this is a piece of CAKE!
Fourth piece- YES, final cadenza and final high E- YES!

And all I can think is-- did I just audition on the Met stage?


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