07 February, 2010

bye bye!

Last show this afternoon went wonderfully, followed by a cast party, followed by the superbowl, followed by...oh wait, it's right now. I SHOULD be packing and making sure/praying that my suitcase doesn't weigh more than 50 pounds. Instead I'm watching a rerun of law and order.

I feel really good about this production and how all of the shows went. I am SO happy and lucky to already know that I've made a good enough impression to be asked back for a future engagement, and in ADDITION, the 'powers that be' are also planning on being at a future-performance of mine to assess whether they will rent a certain production, and so- again, a chance for them to see me kick some tail and perhaps be under consideration for even more things!

What I need to concentrate on right now:
DO NOT get any kind of 'sick' on the plane ride tomorrow, the weather change to the east coast, AND big ole' audition on Friday.

My eyes were devil-red today, which means I got allergic to SOMETHING, but it didn't affect anything but my eyes. So- I blame it on either things here beginning to BLOOM (I spent yesterday walking around outside in the beautiful weather), OR the weather changing yet again from dreary to warm to windy again..and just throwing everything off kilter.

I have been practicing upcoming audition-rep every other day here--while warming up for the show.
Honestly, I so "get" this crazy piece and I love it a little more each time I sing it.

It's soooo cool.

I am really hoping to make a good showing on Friday, oh who am I kidding- I'm hoping to kick some @ss obviously- if not for this, then just to make as good of a first impression as I can.

But AFTER Friday is what is even better-

There's NO place like home and I can't wait to fly across the pond again :)

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