06 February, 2010

show 3 out of 4

Lovely yet again. Last night was the best audience we've had so far (oh, except for the dress rehearsal with 1200 screaming and laughing kids)...but we got a true lovely standing o at the end--and not that it counts for anything, but you could tell they were really enjoying themselves and the show and really cheering us on the whole time.

One of these days, SOMEWHERE I will have the balls enough to write about some K.RAZY drama that has gone on backstage during this show.
I suppose I can't do it here even if I DON"T name names, but all I will say is-- if I EVER, and I mean EVER get even mildly famous, I will always remember that there is NO reason to be 'difficult'. This is one of the coolest jobs ever and compared to people stuck in cubicles, there is absolutely no excuse for me to ever snip about time, schedule, days off, calls to the theater, and ANY thing else that is beyond the control of the daily schedule requirements.
That is all :)

Last show is a matinee, then cast party/superbowl, then- PACKING!

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