01 May, 2009

bill of health

I wasn't really feeling any better this morning, so I decided to contact any local ENT that would see me on short notice.
Three phone calls later, I found myself in the head and neck office of a nice Dr. who put that little tube thingy up my nose and searched for the culprit that has been making me feel so awful for the past three days.

Of course, I wanted it to be an easy answer, preferably one of three:

And it was none of the above.
Sinuses are clear.
I would have been more congested if it was allergies.
And my throat is too clean for strep.
Tonsils are too small and normal for tonsillitis.

I have some inflammation in my throat, but my cords are PEARLY white and there is no reason to worry about any vocal damage if I sing the show.

The culprit?
Something viral or bacterial that is leaving no trail...and therefore can only be dealt with by waiting it out, or medicating with steroids (NOT a fan. EVER).
So I got the prescriptions and I most likely won't start taking them until Monday, after the close of the production-- IF I still don't feel well.

Until then, I'm happy that there isn't anything wrong, that I saw my vocal cords on TV for the first time in about 5 yrs and they looked totally fine (always good to know), and that I just have to try and feel physically better for tonight, because vocally, all indicators would point to the fact that I should be totally good to go.

All that and a bag of chips probably cost me a zillion dollars including health insurance...but it was worth it.

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Anonymous said...

you have white chords? Aren't they supposed to be pink? Just sayin