09 May, 2009

up up and away

It's the day of the flight y'all.

I've managed to squeeze every last ounce of space out of my carry-on...with clothes, shoes, music, hairdryer, and everything a girl needs for 6 weeks of work and play.

Although I'm quite proud of myself for the clothes rolling skills, and even the fact that I can still CARRY the suitcase if I had to...(preferably not up and down broken escalators in Frankfurt or the dang Metro catacombs in Paris)....it IS on the heavy side...for airlines, I mean.

I went to see what the weight limit of a carry on bag is for my airline, and it's 8 kilos! HAHAHAH! That's like, 20 pounds or less! Who are these people kidding?!

This is easily 30-40.

So I'm still not quite sure what will happen when I get to the airport. Whether I will feel like dealing with the carry on or whether I will be instructed to put that puppy under ..in the belly of the plane.

I have a busy first three days upon arrival, and then a lull...which I'm hoping will magically get filled with auditions from the FIRST three days or from other things that I'm waiting on.

If it doesn't, I'm strongly considering a vaycay in Italy! Cuz- WHY NOT?!

I'm feeling pretty zen about the upcoming weeks.
There is a definite reality of the "American going to Germany for auditions" that is called- The Economic Crisis.

I'm not saying jobs abroad should be able to be plucked off of a tree, juicy and ripe for the taking...but I AM saying that it was certainly different a few years ago (from people that I have spoken to), in terms of houses saying YES to hearing you..no matter what...if you were qualified.

Now they say No, we have no vacancy in your fach, AND no, we won't hear you for an information audition.
And some don't believe in the merits of an 'information' audition anyway--if you're not singing for something specific, why sing?

But you know what? I think...hey, I'm in YOUR country for one month. I made the commitment. I'm already here. It doesn't cost ME any more money to show up in your city, warm up, sing pretty, and make a good impression... so....why not?

No matter what happens here for the next few weeks, I'm working toward ONE day next month where I hope to really shine.
Beginning this Sunday I want to make a 30 day project for myself (ok, 31 actually), to be the MOST prepared that I can be, and that means:
Vocally, Dramatically, Physically, and anything else "-ally".

Off to sleep, then the adventure begins at the airport in about 13 hours!

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