02 May, 2009

When the show must go on...

So what happens when singers have to sing 'sick'?
I was given the go-ahead by the camera that looked at my cords. I could phonate, warm up, sing the entire show, but what I would be FEELING the whole time was--
somehow not up to par. Sick, stuffy, achy, sinus-y, dry, bla bla bla...
So what do I do? Sing through it of course! Make that energy somehow work in my favor.
And voila--
The people that knew I wasn't feeling well were like---hoooowwww did you do that?
The people that DIDN"T know I wasn't feeling well had no clue I felt horrible, and the people that count (my family!!! who flew here tonight from three different cities, coasts and time zones), were laughing out loud hysterically, loving every second of the show.

So, all in all, yes, I'm happy.
I hit the high notes and all the ones in between too.
There were moments that I felt less 'balanced' or 'supported' than usual. I took my time and made it work.
There was nothing that went 'wonky'. No cracks or dips or blips...or ...I can't think of anything else that could describe a vocal hiccup.

Nothing. Just not my 120% of usual "me" onstage.
Maybe my 20% extra on top of a voice that could only function at 90%, realistically.

Of course, what could I do?
Take the steroids that were prescribed to me and just push through it and possibly do REAL damage?
No thanks.
I'll stick to FEELING yucky backstage and being a bit more careful about what I do, than totally obliterating that good on-screen video clip of my cords approximating this morning.

One more day of resting, and then ONE more show.
Hopefully this will all be long gone by my next adventure overseas in one week.

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