29 May, 2009

For Victoria

Hi there, and happy to meet you as well.
So you're 16 and just started singing seriously--and have fallen madly in love with music--as it should be.
My best advice- (assuming you've read my B.o.S posts one through three or four A via the archives OR via the handy sidebar in which I've already indicated them as my 'favorite posts'), is- to keep learning anything and everything ELSE that also has to do with this topic.
This means, of course, languages. History. Theory. Acting. Recordings. All of this PLUS a voice equals a way to have a '2nd' career/backup career/some extra cash that does NOT come from waitressing or selling your soul to the 9-5 temp. job devil while pursuing a full time career.

Or...even a completely different topic. Like mine- international relations...which most certainly served me well in terms of skills acquired and the kinds of jobs that I could hold while pursuing music full time.

But for now, since you're still in HS, I'll just say--enjoy it.
Find a teacher you trust.
Find music that you love and that moves you.
Find a way to express yourself through music be it a pay to sing summer program, a musical theater camp in the summer, or putting on your own concert of your favorite tunes for your friends and family.
Keep music in your heart and in your sights as a goal...

Oh, and my own path? I was a musical theater kid, begged for voice lessons so that I could be the next broadway star, finally got them when I was 15, and my first teacher heard me on day one and decided to give me an aria to learn for the next week 'just to try'. Were it not for her, I would not be singing opera.

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Coloraturaaah said...

Dear Victoria- thanks for your messages---I won't post them here, but do know that I read them, and I think you're on the right track, so enjoy!