06 May, 2009

packing again

I'm coughing a lot less, feeling a bit better, and having to make packing decisions that I DON'T want to think about right now!

The challenge:
Pack for 2 different weather systems on two different continents, from May 10th to June 23rd-- WITH audition outfits, competition dress, music, shoes, beachwear, REHEARSAL wear (meaning, have to bring character shoes also), ALL...yes, ALL in ONE carry on bag, PLUS an overnight bag that will be my 2nd piece of carry on luggage for the plane(s).


I went through most of my clothes today and just as an "EXERCISE", threw everything I wanted into the carry on. (ONLY clothes. no shoes, no books, no music, no directions, no toiletries, no nothing). It Fit. -ish.

Main issue: Shoes and audition wear.
I have a blue/white/blue shoe combo that I used the entire time last time. It was great.
HOWEVER, because I have a competition and another certain audition, I need to bring a black/red/ black shoe combo outfit as well.

That means already 2 pairs of heels, and 3 audition outfits.

I also want to bring 2 pairs of flats, one pair of sandals, and one pair of cute sneaks to walk around in...but ALSO- will I want to work out and want REAL sneaks? I think I'm going to have to give up on that idea.

Plus character shoes for an audition that requires 'rehearsal attire'. Whatever that means.

Clothing: The weather has been SO messed up in the US, I can't expect it to be any different in Europe.
Usually May means cute short sleeved tops, light jackets at night.
But since it has been freezing here, my packing will have to include at least one or two long sleeved light sweaters.

I'm not quite sure yet what I'll settle on, but I'm planning on overstuffing that carry on as much as possible.

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