19 May, 2009


For as many times as I've heard this aria sung by others in auditions, master classes, dramatic workshops, gala events, tv commercials for pasta or pasta sauce, I've NEVER learned or sung Musetta's waltz from Boheme.
It's always been this silly piece in my head that I use my 'fake opera voice' to sing in in the shower, or in one of the many instances where I make fun of opera singer voices.

I suppose it's one of the classics in terms of offered audition pieces for 'general soprano'. Used by lyrics, light lyrics, and coloraturas alike--even soubrettes since they have the acting chops to sell it.

Since I have to sing it for a specific event in the near future, I have to "actually" learn it.

Task #1 for the day (that started way too many hours ago according to the 'clock' and the 'sunshine', however, that started for me about 30 minutes ago).

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