13 May, 2009

three days down

Three days and three auditions down.
Sung: 3 blondas, 2 Queens, and one Chacun le sait.
Heard: 3 different places saying yes, you're doing everything right. Everything sounds and looks like it should. This is something special. You could and will most certainly get work here....juuuust not right now.

I get it.
So now I have a good week and a half FREE to do what I want (until the next scheduled audition).
Am I ok with that?
I mean, of course, I'm wishing that I would get an email or call from a few key people who have emails or calls out on my behalf for upcoming audition scheduling...buuut--I understand the reality of...another soprano syndrome....and it's almost the end of the season..what would these people do with me anyway EVEN if they liked me?

So I'll just keep on kicking ass at the auditions and impressing the people the need to be impressed.

Leaving something that will be remembered..and hopefully called upon..at some point in my career.

In American-career updates, I'm excited to be working on upcomingrole2010take2 (it's the 2nd time I'll be performing this role and it's one of my favorites! And yet, it somehow escapes me how in 4 years I have managed to forget SO SO many words. Never the music. But words words words).
I don't have the score for upcomingrole2010.1 (new role, after take2 role), but I have a recording which I'm familiarizing myself with what, with all of my long train rides to different European cities.

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