15 May, 2009

things that only we 'get'

There are just some topics, that as much as someone who wants to know about your career, or wants to support your career, or wants to give advice or help you think through a career choice, etc...that people who aren't doing this for a living won't be able to understand.

Yes, they can be sympathetic. They can be a great sounding board for ideas. They can support a decision, talk you through a day of crappy news about something in the business, and they can be amazing friends. For these friends, I am thankful every day...for their continued support of my crazy career and never-ending excitement and amazement at some of the accomplishments I've had this far along.

But there are some friends...singer friends...who just get it.
Because they live the life too.
They have been there, done that, and if not, they know someone who has.
They know exactly what I'm talking about, the why, the how, and the who, and often are the one drop of grounding in a somewhat drama-filled business.
NOT the business on stage. But the business of the business.
And for those friends, who galavant around the US and Europe whether it's with heavy or light luggage ( :) ) , I am thankful today.

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