28 May, 2009

remember that time when I said

that I wouldn't blog about my personal life?

Well, last night I had a conversation that proved to me even more (yes, this still DOES have to do with music/career thingies), that meeting the right person and being with the right person...all of which entails the obligatory (and most welcomed) marriage, kids, raising kids, and the "question" of being a "professional singer" that everyone is so seemingly up in arms about:
How do you leave for that long
Who raises the kids
Where do you live
Do you leave the kids when you have a gig
When do you HAVE kids...

back to my dangling participle or some other grammatical error...meeting the right person and choosing to be with the right person....
means that you CAN have everything you want...if two people agree to make decisions that will benefit one another as well as their career choices.


*all dressed up and everywhere to go* said...

exactly right!

Victoridiligi said...

Hi! I've been lurking your blog for quite some time now, and thought it would be only fair to introduce myself and express how much I've enjoyed your joyful humor! As a 16-year-old girl who's only just begun to sing (started my voice studies in January, actually) and has already fallen madly and deeply in love with it, your informative blog really has helped a lot ;D Hopefully, when I venture onto the professional track (if I make it that far), I'll be enjoying the "rough transition" half as much as you are. Please do keep it up! And I really do wish you the best of luck in everything that you do from the bottom of my heart.

Oh, and If you don't mind me asking, how old were you when you began singing and getting into music?