07 May, 2009

let me tell you how it's done

Heels: Blue shiny, Black
Character shoes: Black
Flats: Red, Purple
Sneaks: 1 pair of cute sketchers
All are stuffed WITH socks and wrapped IN socks.

Audition outfits:
blue dress, red dress, black/red skirt shirt combo.
2 pairs of hose.

1 pair Jeans, black pants, brown capris, black sweatpants (for airplane), black yoga pants (PJs). Rolled.

1 summer-y black dress, 1 blue/green print dress, 1 tan dress. Rolled.

Tank tops- white, red frilly, black frilly, black, black workout, gray, blue frilly
Short sleeved shirts: black/white stripe, black.
Long sleeved shirts: black, green.

swimsuit- green

Scarf- white

8 pairs of undies/3 bras/8 pairs of socks (I will be able to do my laundry for FREE weekly--otherwise I'd take a lot more of the above)

1 pair black leggings

1 Black hoodie, 1 black/grey long-sleeved button down sweater, 1 light button-snap jacket

All of these items are sitting daintily rolled inside of my carry on suitcase, and have not yet made it impossible to close the top.

The things I need to ADD to this pile are non-clothing items: a few toiletries, as well as all electronic and musical and paper things.

Music binder, folder of 'where I'm going' printouts, make-up, converters, German and American phone and chargers, computer charger, pitch pipe, cough drops, current medications that I'll still have to be taking into next week, and THIS time I'm NOT bringing my German text book OR the Let's Go Germany book. Lord knows I opened those ONE time on the last trip. An I don't need to be lugging around the extra 5 pounds.

What else? Oh yea, I need new printouts of my materials, need to make sure all of the arias that I already had to list for competitions are indeed in the binder, need to make sure I have both passports that I'll be using in the next month, need to make sure my ipod/iphone/macbook is loaded with the music and movies that I want to watch on my long train rides around the continent, and I need to pack my OTHER carry on, which is actually an overnight bag that I will stuff my purse into for the airplane. Then I will use the overnight bag when traveling for shorter time periods, and leave the carry on back at basecamp1.

Possible picture of packed suitcase to come--if I get around to taking it with my iphone and transferring it to the blog.

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