30 April, 2009

three down, two to go

Beginning on Tuesday I could feel something in the air...it tickled the back of my throat, made for some extra sneezing, and finally, on Wednesday...full blown allergies slash sinus slash post nasal drip whatever-it-is.

I felt absolutely horrible yesterday. All day. Couldn't eat, had chills, thought I had a fever, (no, it's not swine flu), and was coughing up gross-looking things that were running down the back of my throat from my nose.

Gross. Gross. Gross.

But- the show must go on, right?
THANKFULLY it did not affect my voice.
I FELT awful out there, but I SANG like there was nothing wrong.

Then of course, I had to self-diagnose on the way home from the theater, and figure out what to take to alleviate the majority of the symptoms so that I can feel better by Friday night's performance AND get a good night's sleep (oh yea, I didn't mention that for the past 3 days I've been NOT tired enough to fall asleep until about 3am, and then suddenly WIDE awake at 8am for NO reason).

I was on the fence between Nyquil and Sudafed nighttime, but nyquil is really for colds, and I'm pretty sure that I have something allerg-y or sinus-y, so I decided on the Sudafed for "fever, minor aches and pains, nasal and sinus congestion, and runny nose".

I also bought Vicks vaporub to slather all over the back of my neck in hopes of not coughing all night..which worked!

I slept from 12-8. It was beautiful.

I still don't feel great today, but at least I ate some chicken soup (ok, it's 5pm and I just ate for the first time today), had some pineapple, have been drinking about 32 oz. of apple juice for the day, and I can even hum up and down the scale lightly and nothing hurts.

So. It seems my voice is fine, it's just that my throat feels like there are lumps inside of it (I know, this sounds like Strep, and I don't want to think about that), but I can't see anything that would cause alarm except for a red back of the throat--which I should expect from the amt. of coughing and nose-blowing I have done in the past 2 days.

I will continue to take it easy today. And do nothing.
I hope that this thing is outta here by tomorrow when my family comes to visit and see the performance!

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