15 May, 2010


Tonight was the first time we sang with orchestra. As opposed to a 'usual' wandel when you kind of go through the motions with few props, no changes, and no costumes, we were full on 'teching' at the same time...which was a bit confusing seeing as how we were mostly trying to find the sweet spots on stage and see if we could always catch the conductor's motions, and of course, get that flute cadenza to work! ha.

Anyway, it went well vocally. I never worry about cutting in an opera house...I just like to kind of get used to what I hear on the stage.
And in this hall- I can hear a bit of my own ring which is nice, in addition to a nice balance with the orchestra. I never feel like I have to push which is AMAZING. Much easier than singing at some more dead spaces.

So. Yay!
It wasn't much of an 'acting-heavy' day, although of course I still try to give as much as possible even with things thrown at me like- oh, first time doing that barefoot, oh, the downstage right tombstone was switched with the downstage left one, oh, this letter is not supposed to be sealed.
Just little curveballs that make me adjust and think on my feet and yes, sometimes distract.

Tomorrow- piano dress WITH costumes (omg finally)- this is going to be a hard show to navigate with floor length and body-hugging VINTAGE 30s dresses that I hope hope hope don't completely rip off of my body because they are so delicate.

Sunday- orchestra dress

And then it's almost time!

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