16 May, 2010

almost orchestra dress

I can't really believe that we have tonight, Tuesday (MORNING! Yes, student matinee as our final dress), and then- OPENING.


That is K-razy.

Tonight in the final orchestra dress I would like to feel as comfortable as possible.
I'd like to spend some time in the next hour going through my score, trying to recall any specific notes that I've gotten about things to tweak, noting places where I know I need to focus more on something specifically musical or dramatic, and just...letting things settle before the run.

I am still stained red from the fake blood from yesterday's rehearsal. I guess it just may be like that for the next week.
Thinking about time is so strange for me right now...
In exactly one week, at this time, I will be about halfway into our last performance, bags packed and in the trunk of the car waiting to take me to the airport immediately after the show, catch my plane to ny, one week to get my life together, pack, unpack, etc. as usual, one more concert, and then- back home for the summer.

And...of course, while I"m doing the shows, I know that I will be thinking about nothing besides the show. There is nothing else in the world while I am on stage doing this...only what happens on stage.

And then just like that- you're out of there.

I was just going to write a bit about nerves, etc..but I think I'm just going to skip over that. Yes, I get nervous. Yes, sometimes I don't know what will happen because of it..but you know what? I've been doing really really great so far, and I love what is happening out there. Needing to think positively and not write any type of diatribe about what could possibly happen or what I'm thinking about...is better.
So- thinking positively.
Things are good. Better than good. I will physically and mentally be in control of my voice and everything that goes along with it for all of the performances.

Basta cosi.

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